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Replacement of the north bridge, south bridge, video chip (replacement of BGA elements)

In modern laptops, one of the most common problems is the destruction of the south or north bridge. Almost every third device will eventually shut down. And, as a rule, this means that this part of it is burnt. In most cases, your mistake is not in this issue. Recording of this chip can not only in the old device, but also in a completely new model that has just been bought.
Of course, if the laptop is still under warranty, then the official service center should be repaired or replaced. But if your device has been purchased for a long time, then it is worthwhile to seek the help of specialists. Do not try to solve the problem by yourself.
The main causes of the destruction of the northern and southern bridges.

The reasons of chipset malfunctioning:
  • overheating - the motherboard is running at a high frequency and often overheats (if you do not conduct continuous prophylaxis, the elements can burn out);
  • flooding - because of a liquid contacts could oxidize and decay (the more moisture is trapped, the more expensive the repair will cost);
  • defect - factory defect is also possible.

How much will it cost?

Repairs services Price
Reballing of the southern, northern bridges, video chip without replacement $85
Replacing the south bridge of the laptop with the cost of the chip $155
Replacement of the north bridge without video inside with the chip included $185
Replacement of the north bridge with integrated video inside with the chip $195
Changing the chip of the video card with the chip with the chip included $175
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